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Founded in May 1988, the Swiss Grand is located 7km northwest of City Hall, and Baekryeon Mountain is located in the back of the hotel, boasting the rare fresh air and beautiful scenery of downtown hotels.

The size of the Swiss Grand is 39,101m2 of land, 14,035.91m2 of building area, 78,193m2 of basement 3rd floor, 13 floors above ground level, and the largest convention center in the Gangbuk area to accommodate up to 2,500 people, and has a ground and underground parking lot to accommodate about 1,000 vehicles at the same time.

Located in 'Nature in the City', Swiss Grand has the amenities of a nature-friendly luxury hotel and the best convention facilities in the Gangbuk area, and supports your successful business with the best service.

  • Opened on May 16, 1988
  • A Five-star Hotel
  • 13th Floor, Basement 3rd floor, 396 Rooms
  • Buffet Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant
  • Atrium Cafe, Terrace Lounge
  • Alpine Deli, Members Club
  • Fitness and Swimming Pool, Sauna
  • Business Center, Flowershop
  • 1,000 cars parking available simultaneously


Hello, I am Hae Woo Lee, the General Manager of Swiss Grand Hotel

Opened in 1988, the Swiss Grand has been hailed as a resting place in the city and a business venue with leisure. Located at the foot of Mt. Baekryeon Mountain, the Swiss Grand Hotel is the nearest luxury hotel from Incheon Airport, 15 minutes from City Hall, offering a convenient location for visitors to enjoy fresh air and blue nature.

Swiss Grand Hotel has won the Best Brand Awards in the Hotel Convention section from 2003 to today by prestigious media including The Korea Times and The Korea Herald. Swiss Grand Hotel is recognized as a luxury hotel with the best convention facilities in the Gangbuk area.

General Manager  Hae Woo Lee



ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 통합 인증 획득
국내 호텔 최초 ECO Tourism 인증 획득
프랑스 농식품진흥공사 주최 요리 경연대회 2위 수상
파주 개성 인삼요리경연 전국대회 대상 수상
컨벤션센터 화물 엘리베이터 증축
한국관광정책학회 주관 '한반도 평화상' 수상
일식당, 중식당 개보수
사우나, 체련장 개보수
호주 축산협회 주최 블랙박스 요리 경연대회 서비스, 요리 부문 금상 수상
한국일보 웨딩 부문 베스트 브랜드 선정
코리아타임즈, 코리아헤럴드 컨벤션부문 베스트 브랜드 선정
호주 축산협회 주최 블랙박스 요리 경연대회 금상 수상
코리아타임즈 컨벤션 부문 베스트 브랜드 선정
서울시 건축상 동상 수상(컨벤션 센터)
'스위스 그랜드로 관광사업 등록 변경
컨벤션 센터 개관
'(유)동원아이엔씨'로 상호 변경
서울 국제요리 경연대회 금상 및 은상 수상



컨벤션센터 사업계획 변경 승인 및 건축 허가
전 객실 개보수 공사
2층 연회장 개보수 공사
식당 및 체육 시설 전면 개보수
2,000만불 관광진흥탑 수상
1,000만불 관광진흥탑 수상
호텔 전관 개관
관광 사업 등록 필(서울시 93호: 스위스 그랜드 호텔)
'(유)렌사'로 상호 변경
1호텔 건축 허가
'(유)람 앤드리' 설립



Executive Room 12F Smoking-Free Floor
11F Smoking-Free Floor/Smoking Floor Executive Floor Lounge
10F Smoking-Free Floor
Deluxe Room 9F Smoking-Free Floor
8F Smoking-Free Floor
7F Smoking-Free Floor -
6F Smoking Floor -
5F Smoking Floor -
Banquet UL - Grand Ballroom, Small Banquet Hall (Flamingo, Skylark, Swan, White Heron, Crane, Peacock, Boardroom, Triangle Foyer), Banquet reservation room, convention hall connection bridge
Banquet ML - Front desk, concierge, bell desk, business center, krony store, members club, terrace lounge, Chinese restaurant (favour), diamond hall connection bridge
LL - Buffet Restaurant, Atrium Cafe, Atrium, Alpine Deli, Fitness Club
Parking Lot B1~B3 - 1,000 cars parking available simultaneously


Convention Center 4F Convention Hall, Main Hotel Connection Bridge
3F Diamond Hall, Emerald Hall, New Unit Base, Main Hotel Bridge
2F Bride waiting room, (bride) Groom's Room, Flowership (Adiel)
1F Exhibition Hall
Parking Lot B1~B3 1,000 cars parking available simultaneously

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