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On the most beautiful day of one셲 life, we will give you a decent wedding that will make the main character of the day stunning.

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Grand Ballroom The antique Grand Ballroom is the perfect place to create an elegant wedding. The brown-tone Grand Ballroom adds romance to its classic chandelier decor. The Grand Ballroom, which can accommodate up to 440 people, offers a beautiful wedding that you will never forget.
Convention Hall The dark, grandiose convention hall is a sophisticated venue for large-scale, single weddings that accommodate up to 800 people. The Virgin Road and the wide open space of more than 25 meters in length are the best places for a big wedding ceremonies. Create a formal wedding in a modern-day convention hall.
Emerald Hall The Emerald Hall, which can accommodate up to 340 people, completes happy moments with emotion. With a wide lobby of glass and modernity, the Emerald Hall is a private place for the bride and groom.
Diamond Hall The cozy white & blue diamond hall is the perfect place for a small, private wedding that can accommodate up to 70 to 160 people. This is the perfect place to create diverse concepts such as a green wedding concept with a fresh botanical concept or a production of a holy and pious feeling through stained glass.
Lotus Hill With outdoor weddings for beautiful nature, Lotus Hill is a private space for 50 to 300 people. Produce your dream wedding in a cozy place that evokes an exotic atmosphere and warm affection

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